The Horton Family

Pastor Charles S. Horton

Pastor Charles S. Horton

After a long battle with cancer, Pastor Horton passed away into glory on Thursday, August 22, 2013. Funeral services were held at Central Baptist Church in Avenel, NJ with a viewing on Monday, August 26, 2013 and the funeral service on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 10am.

Since 1955, Pastor Charles Horton faithfully served the Lord Jesus Christ in multiple capacities. He pastored churches in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey. He pastored the Central Baptist Church of Avenel, NJ for 25 years before retiring into full-time evangelism. His main mission in evangelism was establishing and assisting local churches in the Northeast.

Despite battling cancer, Pastor Horton was faithful and remained positive. He used every last bit of energy to be a blessing to ministries and helped many struggling churches from closing their doors. He has mentored many young preachers and has been an encouragement to “seasoned” preachers all across the Northeast.

Dr. Charles S. Horton was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He graduated from high school in 1951, attended the University of Rhode Island and then enlisted in the Navy. He was saved while in the Navy in 1954, and God called him to preach that same year. After his military service, he attended Tennessee Temple College and graduated in 1960. During college, he served as the pastor of the Sherwood Baptist Church. He pastored in Tenessee, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey. After retiring from 25 years at the Central Baptist Church as pastor, his ministry became working with churches with out pastor's, helping churches with problems and teaching at New England Baptist College. While at New England Baptist College, he taught courses such as Bible Study Tools, Acts, and The New Testament Church. He received honorary Doctorates of Divinity from Louisiana Baptist University, Trinity Baptist College, and Crown College of the Bible. He lived in Avenel, NJ with his wife Nancy. They have three daughters who are serving the Lord.

First Baptist Church still financially supports his wife, Nancy, as an active extension mission of Pastor Horton's ministry.

One of last sermons that he was able to preach is below. We encourage you to feel his passion even though at that time it was a constant struggle.